About Us

When it comes to food, we aim to please.
We understand the importance of food in our daily lives because it doesn't just feed the stomach, it nourishes the heart and soul too. Therefore, this is probably the only time we aim to please. We want to make your shopping experience with as pleasant as possible and deliver quality food products that are easy on your wallet.

For the most part, we import food products from Taiwan and Thailand, but we also aim to bring in food from other countries in future.

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Our Business

We are a growing wholesale company that imports and exports food products from Taiwan and Thailand.

Recognised as one of the top 1,000 food distributors in Singapore, we import an array of food products (including but not limited to canned food, condiments, beverages, confectionary etc.) for distribution to local wholesalers, retailers and F&B establishments.
We also export our products to various countries in Asia such as Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand and Indonesia.
At Tashing Co. (Pte) Ltd., we are committed to delivering quality food products to you and this has always been our motto in doing business. We practise first-in, first-out basis to ensure that the food you consume is as fresh as it can get.
In our line of business, we believe strongly in upholding integrity and trustworthiness and this is how we have established a strong foothold with over 40 years of presence.
















Our Awards


Asia Pacific Brands Award, Singapore Finest Coup D’Salute 2012 
Certificate no.: 88H012064


Singapore SME (Small & Enterprises), 1000 Company, Certificate of Achievement – awarded by DP Information Group 


Singapore SME (Small & Enterprises), 1000 Company
– awarded by DP Information Group 


Singapore SME (Small & Enterprises), 1000 Company, Emerging 2017
– awarded by DP Information Group

Our History

Tashing Co. (Pte) Ltd. was first established in 1969 as a company  that dealt with the import and provision of heavy machinery. However, as a side business, we also operated a department store (called Tashing Emporium) which sold mainly products imported from Taiwan.

In 1985, the demand for heavy machinery in Singapore had declined significantly and in order to stay afloat, a change in the business direction was vital. We shut down our core business in the area of heavy machinery and focused our attention on the-then-existing Tashing Emporium. By leveraging on our experiences and knowledge in operating Tashing Emporium and using the connections we’ve established over the years with our Taiwan partners, we also gradually began to work on wholesale distribution of Taiwan food products in Singapore.

In 2002, with the dynamic business changes in Singapore’s economy, Tashing Emporium was eventually closed down. Our business gradually evolved into focusing on wholesale distribution and trading of food products with other Asian Countries.

Fast forward to current years, Tashing has grown and developed a strong foothold in the general and wholesale trading industry. We have formed strong working relationship with well-known F&B establishments and supermarkets like Cold Storage, NTUC, Sheng Siong, to name a few. Regardless of the dynamic changes our company underwent, we stay true to our underlying core value & value ; We only deliver quality food products that are safe for consumption. This is why our customers trust us in what we deliver.